Why you shouldn't wear colored contact lenses

Why you shouldn't wear colored contact lenses

If you are planning on using colored contact lenses to make your eyes look vampire-like this Halloween, think again.

Experts are warning people against using colored contact lenses without a prescription from a medical professional.

In the United States, novelty contacts are not considered a cosmetic and can’t be sold over the counter without a prescription.

As a result, beauty parlors and party shops selling them without requiring a prescription are breaking the law.

Ill-fitting or poorly manufactured lenses can cause scratches to the eye surface, which can be painful.

A scratch to the eye surface can further increase the risk of an infection.

People wearing decorative lenses for Halloween can do so safely by obtaining a prescription from a qualified eye care professional.

The prescription should include a brand name, measurements of the eye and expiration date to ensure proper eye health.