Why you should not use toothpaste on pimples

Why you should not use toothpaste on pimples

The home remedy of applying toothpaste on your pimples overnight is definitely not worth the risk.

According to reports, many toothpaste formulas can increase skin irritation and worsen breakouts.

Toothpaste has a basic pH that can irritate the healthy skin barrier.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, an ingredient often found in toothpaste, can be harsh on pimples and blemishes.

Toothpaste can make your skin dry and could result in more breakouts.

Instead, you can use over-the-counter spot treatments that can do justice to your pimples and protect you from further breakouts.

Other home remedies like applying ice or using essential oils in your skincare routine can help in minimizing the redness in zits.

You can apply some salicylic acid cream or tea tree oil to get effective results in the treatment of your pimples.