When is Thanksgiving 2022? Holiday history and meaning

When is Thanksgiving 2022? Holiday history and meaning

There are lots of ways to mark Thanksgiving 2022. It could be eating a classic family dish or playing the same board game.

But in many ways, it’s completely different from the first Thanksgiving that the pilgrims held.

Thanksgiving has its roots in Native American history where they celebrated the harvest with dance and rituals.

The common story is that colonists at Plymouth rock shared a meal with members of the indigenous Wampanoag people.

The fall feast followed the colonists' first successful harvest.

Thanksgiving became a national holiday in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln issued a proclamation.

We know that Thanksgiving is celebrated on a Thursday, but why is it always the fourth Thursday of November?

The real reason why Thursday was chosen was because it happens to sound a bit like the word turkey.

This year, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on November 24, 2022.