What is Pompe Disease and how to prevent it?

What is Pompe Disease and how to prevent it?

Pompe disease is caused when your body is unable to make glycogen - protein that breaks down complex sugar - for energy.

It causes the accumulation of too much sugar in the body, damaging muscles and organs.

Pompe disease results in muscle weakness and troubled breathing. It also impacts the liver, heart and muscles.

A person usually gets Pompe disease from their parents by inheriting two flawed genes - one from each parent.

Some of the symptoms include troubled eating, breathing issues and enlarged tongue and liver.

It is diagnosed by a blood sample and the number of enzymes in the blood.

Enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) is a popularly-known treatment for all Pompe disease.

As it's a genetic disease, it cannot be prevented. Supportive treatment and care are available for necessary assistance.