Vangelis net worth: ‘Chariots of Fire’ composer death and legacy

Vangelis, who composed the score for ‘Chariots of Fire’, has died at 79 due to heart failure.

Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou aka Vangelis was born in the Greek town of Agria.

He was a self-taught musician who was later known as a young piano prodigy.

He moved to Paris and co-founded the popular rock group Aphrodite's Child.

After his band split, Vangelis got a solo record deal with RCA Records.

He earned an Academy Award for Best Original Score for the Oscar-winning film ‘Chariots of Fire’ in 1981.

Vangelis has a net worth of $245 million dollars.  He is one of the highest-paid musicians in the world.