US Midterm Elections: How America casts and counts its votes

US Midterm Elections: How America casts and counts its votes

Claims of election fraud have sharply eroded public trust in the integrity of US elections.

Recent survey findings state that only 20% of the American public is confident in the election system.

Heading into the 2022 midterms, experts said most states would adopt the hybrid voting systems.

A healthy mix of paper ballots tallied by electronic machines would reportedly give voters greater confidence.

Here's how Americans will cast their vote for midterm elections in November this year.

1. Electronic voting machines: The US invested in paperless electronic voting machines after George W Bush shook election officials' confidence in paper ballots.

For November midterms, 5% of registered voters are likely to use electronic voting machines without paper trails.

2. Paper ballots: Nearly 70% of registered voters primarily use hand-marked paper ballots.

Experts say paper ballots allow voters to verify how they voted and officials to cross-check results in post-election audits.

When Trump claimed fraud in states after losing to Joe Biden, officials were able to hand-count votes and confirm Biden had indeed won the state.

3. Vote-tabulating systems: These are machines used to tabulate paper ballots.

In this process the Ballots are first marked by voters and then scanned to have the votes tabulated.