What are the new UNO game rules?

What are the new UNO game rules?

With the holidays coming up, UNO has announced a new upgrade to its rules to allow more players to join the game.

The new UNO party has been designed for up to 16 players.

This will add 6 more players to the maximum limit of 10 players.

While a traditional UNO game is played with 2 people, a UNO Party can be played among 6 people.

There will be 3 new wild cards, including Wild Drawn Together, Wild Pile Up and Point Taken.

UNO Party is available at stores and online for $15.

As of 2021, 17 Uno decks are sold every minute in more than 80 countries.

Mattel Inc, the company that owns UNO, is worth $7 billion in 2022.