Why 'The Shop: Uninterrupted' won't air Kanye West episode?

Why 'The Shop: Uninterrupted' won't air Kanye West episode?

Kanye “Ye” West will not be featured on ‘The Shop: Uninterrupted’.

Ye taped an episode of the YouTube conversation series from Lebron James and Maverick Carter earlier this week.

However, Carter said the episode will not air due to Ye's hate speech and extremely dangerous stereotypes.

West allegedly doubled down on his recent antisemitic remarks during the episode.

LeBron James is yet to address the situation publicly.

'The Shop: Uninterrupted' is an unscripted series from HBO Sports by LeBron James and Maverick Carter's digital media company, ‘Uninterrupted’.

Maverick Carter and LeBron James also have a media company SpringHill Co. that received an investment worth $100 million.

While Maverick Carter has a net worth of $15 million, LeBron James' net worth is $600 million in 2022.

Kanye "Ye" West remains the richest Black man in America with a net worth of $4 billion in 2022.