6 simple ways to lower your blood sugar

6 simple ways to lower your blood sugar

High blood sugar is connected with diabetes and prediabetes which can impact your health and wellbeing.

Here are 6 evidence-backed ways to naturally lower your blood sugar levels.

1. Exercising regularly can help in maintaining a moderate weight and increasing insulin sensitivity.

2. Keep your carb intake limited to maintain blood glucose levels.

3. Eat more fiber to slow down carb digestion and sugar absorption.

4. Drink water and stay hydrated as it helps in keeping your blood sugar levels within healthy ranges.

5. Ensure portion control to regular your calorie intake and maintain a moderate weight.

6. Keep your stress levels to a minimum as higher stress can impact your blood sugar levels.

These are simple changes your can make in your routine to maintain low blood levels.

Consult a healthcare professional before making extreme lifestyle changes or trying new supplements.