What are the side effects of using retinol?

What are the side effects of using retinol?

Scientifically approved retinol can also pose side effects for some people.

According to reports, people often complain about dry and irritated skin, after using a new retinol product.

Some also experience redness, itchiness and peeling skin after using retinol.

To minimize the side-effect, you are advised to use retinol 2-3 times a week only.

Work your way up to using retinol every night after ensuring it's benefits for your skin.

It is suggested to apply retinol 30 minutes after washing your face to reduce skin irritation.

Side-effects of using retinol can amplify if you continue using more than one retinol-containing product at the same time.

If you continue to experience skin irritation, consult a dermatologist.