The economic impact of overturning Roe vs Wade

The economic impact of overturning Roe vs Wade

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs Wade, 75,000 Americans seeking abortion will give birth in year 1 alone.

These births will have lasting financial impacts on families and a ripple effect on the economy.

In a study, researchers tracked pregnant women to understand the economics of abortion access.

These women were four times as likely to live in poverty and six times as likely to receive public assistance.

Those who got near-limit abortions and those who were turned away had similar credit scores.

However, turnaways saw a 78% increase in past-due debt and an 81% increase in bankruptcies and evictions.

Research says that about 100,000 women seeking abortions won’t be able to get them. Only 25% will be able to order pills.