Queen Elizabeth II best moments: Tribute to an icon

Queen Elizabeth II best moments: Tribute to an icon

The world is mourning the loss of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

She is Britain’s longest reigning monarch overtaking Queen Victoria’s reigning years..

As a tribute to her, here are a few moments that saw Queen Elizabeth II capture the world’s heart.

In February 1952, Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne following the death of her father, King George VI.

In 1977, Queen Elizabeth II marked 25 years on the throne with a series of Silver Jubilee celebrations.

In 2002, at her Golden Jubilee event she said, " Gratitude, respect and pride, words sum up how I feel about the people of this country."

The monarch once again marked her Diamond jubilee celebrations with tours across the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

She celebrated her 90th birthday with a walkabout in Windsor town center along with the 600 charities she is a patron of.

She is the first British monarch to reach a 70-year Platinum Jubilee in 2022.