Prince Andrew will Inherit Queen Elizabeth's corgis

Prince Andrew will Inherit Queen Elizabeth's corgis

Queen Elizabeth's beloved corgis will now be under the care of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York.

Prince Andrew gifted the two dogs, Muick, a corgi and Fergus, a dorgi, to the Queen during the lockdown.

However, after the death of Fergus in May 2021, the Queen got another corgi named Sandy.

The Queen's love for corgis has been well-known as she used to call them her family.

Fond of corgis since she was a small child, Elizabeth owned more than 30 corgis between 1952 and 2022.

The corgis have their own Wikipedia page, with “What are the names of the Queen’s corgis?” ranking in the top 10 questions on the British monarchy’s official website.

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of York continue to live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor despite their divorce in 1997.

Prince Andrew's net worth is estimated to be $5 million in 2022.