October 3: How to celebrate Mean Girls day

October 3: How to celebrate Mean Girls day

Cult classic 'Mean Girls' was released 18 years ago on October 3.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Mean Girls Day.

Even though October 3rd falls on a Monday this year, be a rebel and wear pink to honor the Wednesday tradition.

Create your own Burn Book to take down notes on all positives and negatives happening in your life.

With Christmas weeks away, memorize 'Jingle Bell Rock' to perform it for your school-college show.

Join the Mathletes and win as many championships as you can.

Celebrate all the women around you as homecoming queens with an invisible crown at an imaginary dance.

Wear vintage styles with all the power you have.

‘Mean Girls’ made a worldwide gross of $129 million. The audience was 75% female and 50% was under the age of 18.