Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon 2022, takes home $2M

Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon 2022, takes home $2M

Despite a tough fight from Nick Kyrgios, Novak Djokovic emerged champion at the Wimbledon 2022 tournament final.

This marks the fourth consecutive Wimbledon championship and seventh overall trophy for the top-seeded Djokovic.

"It will always be the most special tournament in my heart...that inspired me to start playing tennis in a small little mountain resort in Serbia."

This unbeaten run at the grass-court Grand Slam tournament leads to 28 matches and raised his career haul to 21 major trophies.

This breaks Djokovic’s tie with Roger Federer and moves him one behind Rafael Nadal's 22 for the most wins in the history of men's tennis.

The runner-up at Wimbledon, which this year will be Kyrgios, will receive £1.05 million ($1.29 million).

For his triumph at Wimbledon 2022, Djokovic will earn £2 million ($2.03 million).

However, most top players earn from endorsement deals, rather than tournaments.