National M&M Day: 6 times the brand made history

National M&M Day: 6 times the brand made history

Happy National M&M’s Day!

October 13th is National M&M’s Day, a sure day to celebrate so here are 6 times the brand made history.

M&Ms were created in 1941 exclusively for US soldiers deployed during World War II.

It was M&M’s candy shell that made them stand out from chocolate bars.

Later, it was in 1947 that Mars Chocolate began to sell M&M’s to the public.

In 2021, on M&M's 75th anniversary, Mars donated $750,000 worth of products to Operation Gratitude for military care packages.

M&M’s originally came in 5 colors: red, brown, yellow, green and violet.

In 1981, M&M’s was the first candy to be rocketed into space aboard NASA’s first space shuttle, Columbia, per the crew’s request.

The company launched their newest character in a decade: the color purple to symbolize acceptance and inclusivity.

Today, the M&M’s store in New York City has a giant M&M lighting up the sky, tempting all NYC visitors to stop inside for a bite of pure joy.