Monkeypox is a sexually transmitted infection and knowing that can protect you

Close to 98% of men who have sex with men have been affected by the recent outbreak of Monkeypox (MPX).

In the US, Black and Latino men who have sex with men are said to be most vulnerable to Monkeypox.

MPX is already receding among White men who have sex with men.

MPX is transmitted through genital secretions or even skin-to-skin friction.

Research says that while 1%-6% of cases of MPX in the US may be transmitting in other ways, 94% of infections are moving sexually.

While sex is a necessary part of life, it comes with its own risks, the main being Monkeypox now.

However, people infected with MPX get lesions on their bodies regardless of where they had come into contact with the virus.

It's best to avoid sexual or close skin-to-skin contact with people who have symptoms of Monkeypox.