Liam Hemsworth net worth 2022: Henry Cavill drops lead role in 'The Witcher'

Netflix announced that ‘The Witcher’ will be back with Season 4.

However, it wasn’t all good news as the streamer also confirmed that Henry Cavill would not be returning this season.

Instead, Liam Hemsworth will be the new monster slayer, Geralt of Rivia.

Liam Hemsworth is all set to join the Witcher family, wear the white wig and carry the cool swords.

Cavill reportedly told Liam that Geralt has a wonderful depth and he would enjoy diving into the character.

Liam acknowledged that he has big boots to fill and is excited to be stepping into 'The Witcher' world.

Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor with a net worth of $28 million in 2022.

Liam contributed $500,000 to The Malibu Foundation, a non-profit established to help victims of the fire.