Legit ways to get fast cash

Legit ways to get fast cash

Desperately in need of cash? With these tips, you’ll be able to get fast and instant cash when you need it the most.

Subscribe to Line to access instant cash for your purchases, bills and emergencies with no credit checks and no interest.

Another super-easy way to make some fast cash is to sell spare electronics lying around at home.

Sell your unused gift cards. Sites offer instant cash for gift cards.

If you need instant cash you could pawn something. Pawn Shop loans don’t have to be your first choice, but can be your last resort.

If you want a quick income boost, look for day jobs or gigs which offer postings for short-term work.

Did you know your 401(k) can loan you money? But when you borrow, you have to repay the money within 60 days.

Consider renting out a room on sites like Airbnb.That way you are bringing in some cash by sharing your space.