Josh Allen net worth 2022: Why Buffalo Bills QB could become Westbrook mayor

With many heading to the polls, residents in Westbrook, Maine, are looking to vote for a candidate who isn't running.

They're trying to vote for Josh Allen of The Buffalo Bills.

Reports say that Josh Allen could turn to a career in politics whenever he wraps up his career in the NFL.

For now, however, the Buffalo Bills quarterback has too much on his plate to make the switch.

This is probably good news for the Bills and bad news for residents of Westbrook, Maine.

Bills fans everywhere are showing their support for the quarterback using yard signs.

Those signs promoted Allen for mayor, confusing some residents into going to city hall to ask why Allen was not on their ballots.

Josh Allen is an American NFL quarterback with a net worth of $14 million in 2022.

Josh Allen is best known for being the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills and his salary per season is $5.3 million.