Jan 6 Committee votes to subpoena Trump: What next?

Jan 6 Committee votes to subpoena Trump: What next?

The House Jan 6 committee just wrapped up what could be its final hearing about the attack on the Capitol.

The panel unanimously voted to subpoena former President Donald Trump.

Trump responded to the vote on his Truth Social platform, calling the committee a "total bust" and criticizing it for waiting until now to ask him to testify.

The panel shared video clips of Trump associate Roger Stone, who was previously convicted of lying to Congress, among other crimes.

Stone was sentenced to more than three years in prison before Trump pardoned him weeks before leaving office.

In a clip, Stone was seen propagating violence as well.

The Panel now seeks to find answers directly from the man who is reported to have set all this in motion.

Donald Trump is an American politician and owner of The Trump Organization with a net worth of $2 billion in 2022.