Hurricane Ian: How to prepare if you're in Florida

Hurricane Ian: How to prepare if you're in Florida

With Hurricane Ian set to make landfall, Florida officials are preparing to counter the impact and protect residents from its impact.

School districts announced closures and the governor called on the entire state to prepare for Ian.

Residents have stocked up on supplies, gas and sandbags.

Officials have distributed more than 2 million meals and 1 million gallons of water to residents in need.

The state is responding to more than 100 county-level requests for assistance in terms of pumps, generators and emergency personnel.

Airlines including Delta and Southwest have announced fee waivers at more than a dozen Florida airports.

Residents in vulnerable areas have been urged to move to safer spaces with the help of rescue teams.

The Category 3 storm is emerging as a serious hurricane threat for Florida and parts of the northern Gulf Coast.