How to travel with your pet on a flight

How to travel with your pet on a flight

As more people return to traveling, many of them want to take their animal companions with them on vacation.

Here are tips on how to make that experience a happy one for your pets.

Check the rules and ensure that your pet is allowed in the hotel room, RV rental, ship, train or plane.

Some travel company websites will specify rules regarding the type of animal, size, age minimum, inoculation status or number of pets allowed.

While service dogs do not need to be in carriers, emotional support animals need a carrier.

Check with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is up-to-date with shots and is healthy enough to travel.

Carry the health and inoculation records required for the flight at check-in.

Help your pet feel comfortable in its carrier. It will reduce barking, meowing or whimpering that you or those around you will have to endure.