How to participate in Mood Pitch on Twitter

How to participate in Mood Pitch on Twitter

#MoodPitch is Twitter’s newest and coolest pitch contest for authors of completed, polished and query-ready manuscripts.

The event takes place twice a year on the first Thursdays of April and November from 8 am to 8 pm EST.

Here's how you can participate as an author:

1. On the day of the event, authors can pitch three times per completed and polished manuscript.

2. Keep your story ready to send to agents because if they like your pitch, you need to have the best version.

3. You need to have a query letter, synopsis and a completed manuscript that has been revised, critiqued and edited til it shines.

How to participate as an agent:

1. Post a tweet that tells authors you’re participating, how to submit material and what you’d like to see.

2. Browse through the pitches using the #MoodPitch hashtag and heart the ones you’d like to see submissions from.

3. Narrow down your search, use Twitter’s Advanced Search option to look for an age category or genre hashtag and specific date.

4. Remember, liking a pitch does not mean an author is obligated to send in material.