How to get medical care without insurance?

How to get medical care without insurance?

It’s no secret that accessing healthcare is an expensive affair.

To add to it, finding affordable healthcare without insurance may seem daunting.

Out-of-pocket medical bills can range from $68 to $234 for a simple visit to your primary care physician.

So, how do you access health care without health insurance? There are a few options available.

1. Community health centers are non-profit health clinics that offer low-cost or free care.

2. Your state or county department of health covers healthcare services for eligible residents.

3. Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics offer health care without an appointment and high cost.

4. Pharmacies provide preventive care services for free.

5. If there is a teaching hospital in your area, you might be able to receive care at a reduced rate.

6. Some employers offer wellness programs that include preventive healthcare, such as annual vaccines and healthcare screenings.