How to find a second job: 10 tips to start a side gig

How to find a second job: 10 tips to start a side gig

You can make extra money to cover your expenses by following these simple tips to start a second job.

1. Be realistic about working hours and schedule your shifts according to your current job.

2. Set goals for your job search that can outline what you want to accomplish.

3. Speak with your employer and explain to them that you are looking for extra work.

4. Opt for telecommuting, which can help you do a job online with flexibility.

5. Expand your search and look for unique jobs to boost your horizon.

6. Explore online job platforms to find a second job.

7. Take on freelance or contract work in the beginning to earn some extra cash.

8. Make a list of companies and industries you are interested in. It will help you make better decisions.

9. Take copies of your resume in-person and connect with professionals working in different companies.

10. Expand your professional network by connecting with businesses in-person and online.