How to fight rising food prices: 9 money-saving tips

How to fight rising food prices: 9 money-saving tips

Amid inflation, every essential commodity, including groceries, gas and transportation, is getting expensive.

Here are 9 money saving tips you can use in your daily life to make the most of what you are earning.

1. Eat at home and limit dining out to save money.

2. Prepare a shopping list before heading to a grocery store to limit unnecessary purchases.

3. Avoid ready-made meals and processed foods that come with a premium price.

4. Buy in bulk and pay attention to prices to save money during shopping.

5. Use store reward cards and coupons to save additional money on purchases.

6. Shop for locally grown or produced foods that are often available at a cheaper price.

7. Limit your shopping trips to avoid unwanted purchases. Shop once in a while and keep your kitchen stocked with essentials.

8. Make sure to check your bill before paying and heading out of the store. At times, scanners can make mistakes.

9. Pay in cash instead of credit to avoid extra charges.