5 stages of grief and how to cope with it

5 stages of grief and how to cope with it

Grief is universal. Everyone will have at least one encounter with grief.

Here are five stages of grief and how you can identify and cope with it.

1. Denial: It's a common defense mechanism that numbs the intensity of the situation.

2. Anger: It’s not a common stage but as anger subsides, you become rational about the situation around you.

3. Bargaining with God: It’s a line of defense that makes you postpone the sadness, confusion or hurt.

4. Depression: It’s an inevitable stage. However, if you feel stuck here, consult a mental health expert.

5. Acceptance: It helps you understand that there will be good days again, along with some bad ones.

Either get professional help or find a friend who will help you find peace in the long run.