How to build a holiday fund

How to build a holiday fund

How many times have you panicked during the holiday season, wondering how you’re going to pay for everything?

From gifts to decorations to parties, the holidays can get overwhelming, which is why you need a holiday fund.

Here are our best tips to get you started saving for the holidays.

1. Create a separate account just for holiday spending so you’ll have a dedicated fund to draw from for all of your expenses.

2. Set a savings goal and set up an automatic deposit.

3. If you want a new credit card then a cash back credit card might be an option to build your holiday fund.

4.  A side hustle is one of the most profitable methods. The best part is a side hustle can be as big or as small as you want it to be.

5. An effective strategy for building a holiday fund is to try a no spend challenge for a month.