How to beat rising gas prices

How to beat rising gas prices

Gas prices might be sky-high, but there are things that you can do to maintain your existing vehicle.

Changing a few habits behind the wheel can help keep your fuel costs more reasonable.

Here's how to save money at the pumps without purchasing a more fuel-efficient new vehicle.

1. Checking tire pressure can be a cheap and easy way to reduce your fuel bill.

2. Driving faster than the speed limit almost always increases fuel consumption. Slow down to increase your efficiency boost between 7 and 14%.

3. Trim your junk in the trunk because every extra pound your vehicle carries requires burning additional fuel.

4. Being hard on the gas and then equally quick to slam on the brakes can cost you up to 33% more on fuel. Practice gradual acceleration.

5. Do you really need to drive? For shorter trips, it often makes more sense to walk or ride a bicycle.