How much Nicki Minaj earns through her music

How much Nicki Minaj earns through her music

With a net worth of $130 million, Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest musicians in the industry.

According to Forbes, Minaj has an annual income exceeding $36 million from music platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

Among her many endeavors, she earns $12 million from Spotify and $13 million from Apple Music.

Amazon also pays the 'Anaconda' singer $6 million for her collaboration.

One of the most followed rappers of all time, she also gets approximately $8 million from music royalties.

Minaj became the first female solo artiste to achieve 7 consecutive top rankings on Billboards in 2010.

She was the first woman to be selected for MTV’s Annual Hottest MC List.

She is currently the most-followed rapper on Instagram with more than 175 million followers.