Home remedies for yeast infection

Home remedies for yeast infection

A vaginal yeast infection is caused by an overgrowth of a fungus called Candida albicans that naturally lives in the vagina.

This overgrowth triggers irritation, inflammation, itching and painful discharge.

Here’s a closer look at home remedies for yeast infections and how they work.

Probiotics can be effective against yeast infections. To reap the benefits, try eating the yogurt and applying it around the vagina.

Boric acid is a powerful antiseptic that treats yeast infections that are resistant to other remedies.

The oil of oregano used to treat yeast infections is not the same type.

Coconut oil includes antifungal properties.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that’s used to kill fungi, bacteria and viruses. However, consult an expert to treat it.