Herschel Walker net worth 2022: Georgia Senate candidate blasts climate bill

Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker has opposed the Democrats’ climate, health care and taxes bill.

He argued that too much of the money is “going to trees”.

He instead called for spending more money on law enforcement and complained about funding for the IRS.

President Biden put $1.5 billion toward the Urban and Community Forestry Assistance program.

Walker voiced that the government has raised taxes on those making under $200k to pay for this program.

However, the White House has insisted that the Inflation Reduction Act does not raise taxes on Americans earning below $400,000.

Herschel Walker is a former professional football player and a current Republican nominee with a net worth of $10 million in 2022.

Walker competed as a celebrity contestant on a game show and he won a $50,000 prize to donate to charity.