Your healthcare guide to the midterm elections

Your healthcare guide to the midterm elections

Amid all the hype over midterm elections 2022, here's everthing you need to know about your healthcare access.

Abortion will be on the ballot in 5 states: California, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana and Vermont.

South Dakotans are expected to vote whether to expand Medicaid to roughly 42,000 residents.

5 states are weighing whether to legalize marijuana: Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota.

A measure to lower medical debt is on the ballot in Arizona.

For the third time, voters in California are aiming to tighten regulations for dialysis clinics in the state.

An early spike in influenza and Covid-19 response is also on the decision-making minds of voters.

Republicans hold advantages on the issue of the economy and inflation as they aim to claim a majority.