How to find the best travel insurance

How to find the best travel insurance

If there's one of the many things the pandemic taught us, it is that travel always carries some degree of uncertainty.

Travel insurance provides a safety net when you step out. Here are four ways to obtain travel insurance.

Some credit cards offer trip cancellation and rental car insurance if you use the card to book the trip or car. The coverage is free.

You can shop for insurance at travel agents sites. The process is as easy as clicking ‘yes’ when you book reservations.

You can also find the best policy at comparison sites based on the trip search criteria you’ve input into the search form.

Evaluate the financial risks when traveling. If you can bear those costs yourself, you may not need insurance.

Read the policy fine print to understand what’s covered and what is excluded from the coverage.

Check to find if the lowest-priced policy is too restrictive or not. Pay a little more if it gets you the coverage you need.