5 essential oils for allergies

5 essential oils for allergies

Aromatherapy using essential oils stimulates the body through your sense of smell and soothes allergy symptoms.

Here is our list of top 5 essential oils that are beneficial for your allergies.

1. Lavender oil has the ability to calm and reduce inflammation, as a result, it can soothe your allergy symptoms.

2. Tea tree oil may help with allergy symptoms oil as it is recognized as an anti-inflammatory.

3. Lemon essential oil is beneficial in clearing your sinuses and reducing congestion that is known to be caused by seasonal allergies.

4. Combine peppermint oil with lavender and lemon oils to enhance the effect of the oils in a soothing allergy relief combination.

5.  Chamomile oil has effective anti-inflammatory properties to treat symptoms of sinusitis.

Do a patch test with every essential oil on your hand or neck to ensure that the oils do not have side-effects on your body.