Is Elon Musk buying Manchester United?

Is Elon Musk buying Manchester United?

Elon Musk shocked the world once again by announcing that he wants to buy the soccer club Manchester United.

The Tesla CEO made the announcement to his 103 million Twitter followers.

After creating a spark on social media and news channels, he clarified that it was all just a joke.

Manchester United is worth $4.6 billion and is controlled by the Glazer family.

The shares of Manchester United went up right  after Musk's tweet and is still up 3%.

Recently, he was in talks with Twitter to buy it for $44 billion, which is no longer going forward.

Musk has a current net worth of $263 billion in 2022, making him the richest person in the world.

What do you think he  will (jokingly) plan to  buy next?