Will the new Covid wave affect travel plans?

Will the new Covid wave affect travel plans?

With the winter holidays approaching, that demand for travel shows no signs of slowing down.

Reports say that the season of “revenge travel" is here.

Countries have dropped Covid restrictions and passengers are filling up flights and cruise ships.

The Transportation Security Administration reported over 2.5 million passengers on October 16, the highest daily figure since February 2020.

Now, health experts warn of another winter surge in cases of new strains of the virus.

The winter covid wave will strain airports and airlines that were affected by labor shortages over the summer.

Last winter, US airlines had to cancel thousands of flights around Christmas as the omicron variant sickened employees.

However young, healthy travelers who are fully vaccinated are still safe to travel.

Elderly however, might want to avoid crowded areas and countries without high-quality medical care, even if they are vaccinated.

The CDC urges international travelers to be fully up to date on vaccinations, including boosters and wear masks on public transportation.