Can whiskey help fight off a cold?

Can whiskey help fight off a cold?

While it is a common notion that drinking whiskey can reduce cold symptoms, experts suggest it won't help fight off a cold.

According to reports, drinking whiskey can make your cold last longer.

Whiskey, a known ingredient in a hot toddy, may not ease cold symptoms due to its dehydrating and immunosuppressive effects.

Small amounts of alcohol can cause result in the widening of blood vessels, which can escalate a runny nose or congestion.

Therefore, it is important to take medicines with pseudoephedrine to tighten blood vessels (vasoconstrict) and relieve congestion.

Several other natural decongestants can help ease your congestion and cold, including using a humidifier.

You can also use a saline nasal spray or breath in the steam.

Using a neti pot can also help in relieving congestion in nose and treat cold symptoms.