Can vegan hair dye cause cancer?

Can vegan hair dye cause cancer?

Hair dyes come in three major varieties: oxidative (permanent), direct (semi-permanent or temporary) and natural dyes.

Researchers have explored the relationship between personal hair dye use and the risk of cancer or cancer-related death.

Most research doesn’t support a strong link between cancer and hair dye but evidence of a connection is found.

White women who regularly dyed their hair had a 7% higher chance of developing breast cancer than those who didn’t.

Black women who dyed their hair every 5 to 8 weeks had a 60% higher chance of developing breast cancer.

This study didn’t include information on whether the women used vegan dye.

The American Cancer Society, however, recommends vegetable-based hair dyes as a safer alternative to traditional hair dyes.

You may also want to consider dyeing your hair less frequently and double-check the ingredients list for any potentially harmful chemicals.