Can migraine attacks cause hallucinations?

Can migraine attacks cause hallucinations?

Migraine is the world's third most common medical condition, causing throbbing pain and aura symptoms.

According to experts, hallucinations are extremely rare in people with migraine.

While people with migraine experience visual auras, they are common disturbances caused by the over-excitability of their occipital cortex.

On the other hand, hallucinations are sensory experiences that may seem real but are actually created by your mind.

Auditory hallucinations are highly uncommon in people with migraine and it not recognized as an aura symptom.

About half of the people with migraine and auditory hallucinations witness a psychiatric disorder, called depression.

If you have hallucinations with your migraine attacks, talk to a doctor about your symptoms.

They might prescribe a blood or urine test along with imaging tests like a brain MRI to ascertain the cause.