Butter board: The latest TikTok food trend

Butter board: The latest TikTok food trend

Butter board is the  latest food trend on TikTok these days.

Butter smeared, swooped and spread across a surface, added with some toppings and enjoyed is the rage on social media.

This is not to be  confused with a charcuterie board though.

The most popular spread sees softened butter spread on a wooden cutting board with a drizzle of honey, grated lemon zest and edible flowers or chili flakes.

Ms Doiron posted a 28-second video of the  butter board on TikTok earlier this month.

However, the original credit for this idea goes to chef and cookbook author Joshua McFadden.

This is also introducing foodies to communal dining experience once again, especially after two years of the pandemic.

Butter boards can be created as per one's choice — savory or sweet.