Busting 5 common myths about water and hydration

Busting 5 common myths about water and hydration

Is bottled water really better for you than tap?

Should you choose vitamin-enriched water better than sparkling?

You've probably heard a ton of claims about water and hydration before. But are they true?

Here are five major myths about water and hydration.

Myth 1: Drink 8 glasses of water each day

Your water intake ideally depends on your body size, activity level, temperature and how much you're sweating.

Myth 2: Drinking lots of water helps clear out toxins

The kidneys filter toxins from our bloodstream. Drinking large amounts of water reduces the kidney's ability to function as a filter.

Myth 3: Caffeine makes you dehydrated.

Caffeinated drinks consumed in moderation provide the same hydration as non-caffeinated drinks.

Myth 4: Drinking extra water leads to weight loss

A more accurate statement may be ‘drinking water is a helpful tool for dieters’. Water is not magical.

Myth 5: Sports drinks are a good alternative to salt and other electrolytes

While sports drinks can be an effective way to replace the body's salt, you can get that salt from other foods and drinks.