Why Britney Spears rejected her mother's apology

Why Britney Spears rejected her mother's apology

Last November, Britney Spears was finally released from her controversial conservatorship.

This ended the 13-year arrangement of the pop star’s finances, personal life and even medical decisions under the control of her father.

However, nearly a year later, Spears isn’t in the mood to forgive or forget.

Spears' mom Lynne issued a public apology for any pain caused by the conservatorship to her daughter.

She even asked for the singer to unblock her so that they can speak in person.

The pop star replied saying "Sorry doesn’t cut it".

Though Spears is unlikely to perform on stage anytime soon, she has recently added to her collection of chart trophies.

'Hold Me Closer', in which she collaborated with Elton John, went to No. 1 in Australia in September.

Britney Spears is an American pop singer and actor with a net worth of $70 million in 2022.