Biden proposes new travel rules to fight 'hidden fees'

Biden proposes new travel rules to fight 'hidden fees'

President Joe Biden announced new travel rules calling on airlines and sites to be more transparent about additional fees.

This includes “unnecessary hidden fees” that force customers to weigh down their family budgets.

Airlines and travel sites will be required to disclose all fees for changing or canceling your flight and for baggage.

Airlines charge travelers several additional perks, which are included in the cost of a ticket, such as a fee for advanced seat selection.

This development comes 2 months after the Transportation Department called for stricter measures for airlines’ delay refunds.

According to a survey, an average American's leisure travel budget for 2022 is $3,797.

The Bureau of Transportation said 62.8 million domestic passengers and 8.3 million international passengers traveled by US airlines in May.

According to CNBC, the average cost of domestic roundtrip flights dropped from $413 in May to $375 in July.