Best home remedies for urinary tract infection (UTI)

Best home remedies for urinary tract infection (UTI)

Try these natural ways to treat UTIs and reduce the risk of recurrence of urinary tract infections.

1. Prevent infection by drinking plenty of fluids to induce urination and flush out bacteria from the urinary tract.

2. Increase Vitamin C intake in your diet to kill off harmful bacteria and protect yourself from UTIs.

3. Consume cranberry in the form of a juice or capsule to prevent bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract.

4. Probiotics like yogurt and kombucha can help in restoring good bacteria to prevent UTI recurrence.

5. Maintain healthy hygiene habits and a bathroom routine to avoid the spread of bacteria in the urinary tract.

6. Wear cotton-lined and loose-fitting clothes to keep the area dry and clean and avoid UTI symptoms.

As common as they are, UTIs can be frustrating. In case of a recurring infection, consult a medical professional.