Best butt-lifting exercises to try at home

Best butt-lifting exercises to try at home

Incorporating glute training into your workout regimen can help in reducing lower back pain and improve posture.

Here are some exercises that will help you in growing a stronger butt faster and more effectively.

Glute bridges are great for all levels of workout. It can be performed with a dumbbell or loop band or without any equipment.

Hip thrusts have emerged to be one of the most popular and effective exercises for strengthening the glutes.

Frog pumps are a great way to activate your glutes at the beginning or conclusion of a workout.

Leg kickbacks improve the range of your motion, stabilize your core and target your glutes to make them stronger.

There are several squat variations that can help in building a strong and firm butt.

Bulgarian split squats are a single leg exercise, targeting your butt and improving your balance.