Who are the astronauts SpaceX and NASA launched?

Who are the astronauts SpaceX and NASA launched?

SpaceX and NASA launched a crew of astronauts from across the globe for a trip to the International Space Station on October 5. 

Four new crew members took off abroad on a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft from Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Called Crew-5, this is the sixth astronaut flight launched between NASA and SpaceX.

Astronauts Nicole Mann, Josh Cassada, Koichi Wakata and Anna Kikina are the holding forces for this mission.

Mann, who is the mission commander, is the first Native American woman ever to travel to space.

Kikina is the first Russian to join a SpaceX mission, a deal made between NASA and Russia's space agency, Roscosmos.

Wakata previously has flown on both NASA's  space shuttle and  Russia's Soyuz spacecraft.

The Crew Dragon spacecraft is now in orbit and it's aiming to dock with the space station on October 6, 5 pm.