America's Got Talent star NIGHTBIRDE leaves behind a legacy

Jane Marczewski, who shot to fame as Nightbirde on AGT, has passed away at 31.

The singer, who has over a million followers on Instagram, died on Feb 19, after a 4-year battle with cancer.

She became a global sensation when she got the Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent in June 2021.

Her original song, 'It's OK', got a standing ovation from the crowd after she moved them to tears.

"I have a 2% chance of survival but 2% is not 0%. 2% is something and I wish people knew how amazing it is."

Marczewski inspired millions. "Sharing my heart with the world on AGT has been a dream come true."

Rest in peace Nightbirde.  Thank you  for your light.