6 alternative treatments and remedies for osteoporosis

6 alternative treatments and remedies for osteoporosis

There are some alternative therapies available for serious conditions like osteoporosis.

1. Red clover is believed to contain estrogen-like compounds that can help protect bone.

2. Soybeans contain isoflavones that may help protect bones and stop bone loss.

3. Black cohosh is an herb that contains phytoestrogens (estrogen-like substances) that may help prevent bone loss.

4. Horsetail plant has numerous medicinal properties, including preventing bone loss by stimulating bone regeneration.

5. Acupuncture therapy is believed to stimulate various organ and body functions and promote healing.

6. Tai chi is beneficial in improving muscle strength, coordination and reduce muscle or joint pain and stiffness.

Note that there's no scientific evidence confirming the effectiveness of these methods in strengthening bones.

You are advised to consult a medical professional for appropriate treatment.